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Burn Permits

All year, burn permits are required within all areas of Coastside Fire Protection District and CAL FIRE having jurisdictional authority. This site will verify if the burn location falls within designated areas. Types of permits are described below. All permits can be applied for online at

Residential Burning:

Residential burning is not permitted.

General Burning:

General Burn Permit (LE-5) allows Large Pile Burning and Planned Fire. This can include agricultural burning, burn piles, small parcels or strips, small plots of grass or weeds, or burn on vacant land. This permit is also used for a Hazardous Project work that could cause a fire (e.g., outdoor welding, grinding, metal work, hot work etc.).

A site visit is required before a permit is issued.  

May contain: fire and flame

General Burn Permit Terms:

  • Burning must occur on a permissible burn day. Burn status is determined by Bay Area Air Quality, visit Open Burn Status ( or call (800) 435-7247.
  • You must contact your nearest CAL FIRE or Coastside Fire Protection District Fire Station before burning each day.
  • Contact and obtain an Air District Burn Permit
  • Fire may be ignited between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and must be completely out by 5:00 PM.
  • Maximum permit duration is usually 2-weeks.
  • Have adequate and functional fire tools onsite.
  • Adequate water source to extinguish fire and potential escape.
  • A responsible adult shall always be in attendance of the fire.
  • A minimum clearance of 10-feet from all flammable material down to bare mineral soil must be provided and maintained.
  • Burn only cured (dry) materials.
  • Burn only natural vegetation. Do not burn processed or treated wood, plastic, metal, or trash.
  • Burn only vegetative matter collected on permitted property.
  • Do not burn on wind days or days with low relative humidity (Red Flag). Permits will be subject to wind, temperature, and humidity requirements.
  • The responsible person must be always in possession of the burn permit. 
  • To report an escaped burn, call 911.

Processing the application can take up to 10-days. Be sure to provide adequate time for this process when scheduling your project. 

Broadcast Burning:

Broadcast Burning is the controlled application of fire to the land to reduce wildfire hazards, clear downed trees, control plant diseases, improve rangeland and wildlife habitats, and restore natural ecosystems as outlined in Public Resources Code 4491-4494. This type of burning is sometimes called a controlled burn, prescribed fire, or prescribed burning and is one of the most important tools used to manage fire today. As catastrophic wildfires continue to be a growing concern in California, the use of prescribed burning to reduce hazardous fuels is projected to increase. Daily burn decisions are issued based on the forecast of air quality and meteorological conditions that can affect smoke dispersion. Certain types of projects may require CEQA approval. For more information check out the Prescribed Fires website. 

Permit terms are dependent on the size and type of project. Contact CAL FIRE/Coastside Fire Protection District for more details.